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Finding quality raw materials becoming “herculean task” for ayurvedic manufacturing company

The hike in expenses and cost of production, it is becoming difficult for ayurvedic manufacturing companies to find good quality raw materials. The small scale ayurvedic medicine manufacturing units are especially influenced by the situation and this led to less growth and development.

 Out of millions of pharmaceutical companies related to ayurvedic medicines, about 60% companies are able to produce genuine ayurvedic products and meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) terms and conditions. Large scale ayurvedic manufacturing companies are able to collect quality raw materials from reliable sources to produce effective ayurvedic medicines. The farmers are cultivating ayurvedic herbs as per GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) to meet industrial requirements. It is obvious that without quality raw ayurvedic herbs, it is impossible for every ayurvedic manufacturing company to produce highly efficient medicines. This facilitates downfall in growth and development and a day come when the company shuts its business.


Besides less availability of quality ayurvedic herbs, market competition also influences several manufacturing companies to produce poor quality ayurvedic medicines. According to market research, only few ayurvedic medicine manufacturing companies are able to afford costly herbs and remaining units seek for alternatives to meet the domestic market demand.

Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers and exporters need to be cautious about using ingredients for production process. It is much necessary to follow GMP terms and conditions for every exporter of ayurvedic medicines to sustain ranking in international markets. Most of the exporting units are bound to produce quality medicines because of high consumption and demand.

The future of pharmaceutical industry is ayurved as people are getting more inclined towards natural or herbal treatments to escape from side effects. Allopathic treatments will remain for handling severe or emergency situations, but for long run, people will depend more on ayurvedic products.